Juice Pressed To Impress

Anyone can make freshly pressed juice but very few make juice to impress.


There are two ways of looking at impressed 1. You’ll see it as the new age miracle your body has been waiting for or 2. The freaken funkiest string of juice bars to hit the 011s!
Either way, you get an edgy concept store that creates unique, cleaning juice recipes with raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. They aren’t only in the business of rocking your immune system with wholesome juices but they also make smoothies that’ll effortlessly rock your world.

Impressed has managed to sprinkle its healthy magic in the form of three stores which are based at 27Boxes in Melville, Maverick’s Corner in Maboneng and now at the Sandton Gautrain station as well. You can also catch their pop ups at Fresh2U Farmers Market, the Fourways Farmers Market, Market at the Sheds and 1Fox.

As with everything else in life, I have my favourite juices – the Pressed Yellow simply because it reminds me of summer. It has yellow pepper, pineapple, lemon and apple. I’m also a fan of the Pressed Red because there’s something about the purple from the beetroot that gives it a mischievous kick. In this gem you’ll find beetroot, spinach, lemon and apple. You should also try the Pressed Scarlet, the Pressed Green and the Pressed Orange.

I call myself the Tswana Hippie and when I found out that one of my favourite smoothies is actually called, The Hippie, I felt like it was all ordained by the gods. In The Hippie is natural peanut butter, banana, soya milk, cinnamon and chia seeds. Then there’s The Mmmm which is also a smooth blend of perfection made up of strawberries, banana, plain yoghurt, honey and ground flaxseed. I also encourage you to try The Tropical.

Considering everything we go through on a daily basis and the fact that all we have are these bodies to carry us through, it only makes sense to pack it with goodness –  goodness that’s sure to impress.

By Tswana Hippie

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