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What is Ka-Ching! Business Parenting?

Ka-Ching! Business Parenting is a structured yet flexible course that a parent and a child work on together and which aims at improving the child’s future success in the field of business. It involves a series of practical business projects with clear step-by-step guides that the parent and child work through together – as partners! Through this positive interaction, the course produces a bond of love, respect and understanding between the two participants – something often lacking in modern day family relationships. The programme compliments the curriculum and attempts to engender a positive attitude towards education and life-long learning.

Who developed Ka-Ching! Business Parenting?

The Ka-Ching! Business Parenting course was created by Bishops Prep headmaster Midge Hilton-Green, MBA graduate Gregory Bunyard and Child Psychologist Jason Bantjes and sponsored by the Shuttleworth Foundation. It has also been endorsed by South African Business Legends, Raymond Ackerman and Pam Golding.

“Ka-Ching! Business Parenting is an interesting concept which could be very beneficial to both parents and children alike” – Raymond Ackerman

“It is essential to teach children life skills and financial management, as these are imperative to becoming an entrepreneur, and especially in South Africa today with our high unemployment rate” – Pam Golding

What’s the deal?

For R799* you get:

– A License-for-Life to Ka-Ching! Support

– Parents Manual

– Workbook

– Motivational Documents

– Carry Bag

– Training CD

– Support Documents

– Ka-Ching! Pen

– The right to Ka-Ching! Certification

*Excludes R59 courier charge

Special Offer:

Order now and we’ll also send you a Ka-Ching! cap – FREE!

Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Philosophy

Parents can play a fundamentally important role in their children’s education. Parents need to take an active part in equipping their children with the necessary confidence, skills and abilities to achieve greater success, now and in the future. While many education systems are attempting to address these issues through subjects in Outcomes Based Education and other education systems, there is nothing that provides more value than a parent’s involvement and interest in their children’s education. The Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Course provides parents with the necessary resources to achieve:

1. Improved family relationships

2. More confident children

3. Children with the necessary skills for a more successful life after school

4. Greater practical understanding of topics discussed

What is covered in the course and who should enroll?

Our experience has shown that young children derive the maximum benefit from this dynamic course and that they should start doing the course from the age of 6 and continue into their teens:

1. Children will be introduced to entrepreneurship and the nature of business in a simple and enjoyable manner

2. Children will be taught financial awareness and investing skills which, contrary to opinion, need to be nurtured at a young age to be most effective

3. Children will be taught the critically important life-skills that they can use at any stage in their future development to enhance learning processes – at school or thereafter

4. The course covers all ages between 6 and 15, so only ONE course is required per family, it doesn’t matter how many children you have!

Why is the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting so adaptable and easy to follow?

1. The parent does not have to have any knowledge of business to be of help to the child

2. The parent and child can chose to start in a number of different sections

3. The project can be short, medium or long term

4. The parent and child can fast track certain stages which they find easy to deal with

What will your child learn?

How to earn money

How to plan a budget

How to manage one’s daily responsibilities

How to control one’s spending

How to run a formal meeting

How to identify a business opportunity

How to evaluate a business opportunity

How to prepare a business plan

How to present a business plan

How to work with others

How to run a business

How to manage income, expenses and profit

How to ‘invest wisely’ with the goal of creating ones own financial wealth and independence

The course will also highlight:

1. The importance of managing ones money

2. The importance of saving and investment

3. The importance of giving

4. The value of family support and assistance

5. The importance of keeping accurate records

6. The importance of planning

The Once-off-Investment of R799 (plus R59 courier cost) is all you will need to make for all your children from 6 right through to 15. It includes a lifetime license for the family giving access to all the online support features and downloads off the website.


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