Keeping up with the Karwhatitznames

Keeping up with the Karwhatitznames

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So the Karcrapians are in town. The first thing I though was, “Quick! Hide your food!” I am battling to understand why we are so enamoured with these chubby sisters who are famous for nothing other than being Reality TV stars (I use the term “stars” lightly as they don’t appear to be particularly bright.)

I can understand why Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have so many followers on Twitter – they produce music, or at least, something that resembles music. People can buy their CD’s, go to their concerts and mime in much the same way Britney does. So why do we care about two average looking sisters who don’t act, sing or produce some kind of tangible entertainment product?

Now I might sound like a cynical celeb-hater, and while not entirely untrue, I do think I know why people like them. The reason the Karcrashians’ celeb star power is rising like the Juksei River in rainy season is that they play the media game incredibly well. Since they have been in South Africa they have consistently Tweeted (or at least got their PR person to Tweet) about what a great country we have, how awesome the people are, and have even personally responded to Tweets from local fans.

I highly doubt I would be thrilled by receiving a message from a Karkrudian (I really should learn to spell that surname) but the average fanboy/fangirl would no doubt be flattered by the fact that their favourite celeb personally responded to a Tweet.

It’s all good and well for famous folk to have websites that only allow for one-way communication (barring the “email us” link), but to build brand loyalty, and a brand is what a celebrity is, you need to interact with your fans. This is precisely what the Kardummyians do and do well.

They must realise that they don’t have products such as DVD’s and CD’s the public can buy (and for this I am grateful), they are the product. To ensure that they stay paparazzi fodder and ensure a lifetime of red-carpet event invites they need to have a steadily-growing and loyal fan base. This would in turn ensure that they become useful tools (in more than one way) for people with products to shill.

Celebrities have a love-hate relationship with the media. I have spent much of the last 350 words really slating these two seemingly talent-less Karslapians, yet my rant has achieved exactly what they would want – a free mention in the media. Though I think a free doughnut would be as appreciated.

Rant by Shaun Wewege

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