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Press releases, websites, industry opinion pieces, proposals, annual reports, business plans, technical brochures, in-house newsletters, advertorial – their experience spans all spectrums.


Getting your name out there in a positive manner, cost-effectively. Their aim is to create a scenario where their customer can turn away work instead of waiting for it to come in! Kezi finds new and interesting ways for clients to get publicity as opposed to the traditional media route. They create the buzz, you run with the opportunity.


Producing or project management of any communication tasks – Kezi prides themselves on being organised, efficient, deadline driven, within budget, and always producing the desired result. Whether it is a research project you want them to manage, or the creation of your website, the above principles remain constant.


– There is one-on-one involvement from start to finish.

– They firmly believe paid advertising is not the only, or the most successful way to reach your market.

– They simply do it differently, with passion, refusing to apply the same formulas or solutions to everyone.

– Because they have a sound understanding of the South African media, and are in constant touch with new trends, they pride ourselves on being proactive in creating news for their clients instead or merely reacting to it.

– Roughly 80% of the time their press release are published ad verbatim simply because they understand the concept of “newsworthy” and the editors they work with appreciate that. They also never send out one generic press release – each one is tailored to that specific publication.

– They are small, purposefully, so they understand the challenges of smaller businesses.

– Lastly, Keri-Ann has extensive knowledge and experience in journalism, corporate communications and advertising, and their interns are chosen specifically for the knowledge and experience they can bring to the table.

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