KFC – Finger Licking Good

KFC – Finger Licking Good

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular American franchise which arrived in South Africa South Africa during the 60’s and has become a part of our everyday life. Around the world KFC is one of the most popular fast foods, with over a billion meals sold annually and a dedicated fan base KFC will always be the top of the fast food pile.

The chicken burgers are legendary with fresh lettuce and a special mayo based sauce. All the chicken is covered in the famous KFC batter, which consists of eleven secret herbs and spices, but put basically is amazingly delicious. There is a grilled chicken option for the health conscious people, although it is rarely ordered, being that KFC is famous for it’s Southern Deep Fried Chicken.

It’s a fantastic treat for nights when cooking seems like the devils work (every Friday).

Venue: KFC’s can be found just about anywhere in South Africa. There will almost always be a KFC in the food court of major malls and they are often scattered within urban and suburban areas.

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