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A down to earth ‘Husband & Wife’ team, who have a passion for people.

Kingsley is the main photographer and Charmaine is his assistant photographer as well as a Professional Makeup Artist.

They love to interact and capture the essence of each individual. Whatever the event may be, their ideas are spontaneous using initiative to strive to make your specific needs as fun as possible.

Kingsley uses a style of photography called “Free Style”, a classic blend of poses
including photojournalism, candid and setup shots that look natural. No two photographic sessions are alike therefore they are able to capture their subject’s character in a unique way.

They are always striving to improve their work and although they have a few ‘favorite poses’, they also try new ideas which their surroundings provide, therefore affording each session with uniqueness and individuality.

Why Choose Kingsley’s?

– A husband and wife team thus you get two photographers for the price of one and you will receive maximum coverage from all angles.

– Your wedding day is unique. They will endeavor all their skills and creativity to capture the essence of your day.

– They use state of the art digital cameras, and normally take between 1000 – 2000 photos on the day and these digital negatives are yours to keep. (No Charge)

– They choose the best 200 – 400 photos and these images are then digitally enhanced. (Remove blemishes, airbrush skin etc.) They do not charge an extra hourly rate to enhance these images, it is part of their services.

– People are their passion and they reflect this in their photographs! Your pictures will not be boring, predictable or stale.

Engagement Session

Kingsley’s also offers a complimentary “Engagement Session” on some of their packages. This is more of a get to know them session. It allows the bride and groom or family to get accustomed to being photographed and cements the rapport between them and the couple. Also, you are able to use the photos for thank you cards or invitations or have one of the photos enlarged and placed at the reception. Guests can then write well wishes and messages on it for you to treasure.

Pre Bride & Groom

Some of their packages offer a Pre Bride & Groom session. They start off their day with the Pre Groom session. As men don’t usually have the hype of hair and make-up, it is easier for them to dress up in their finest, have photo’s taken and then undress again until it’s time to get to the venue.

The session includes photographs of the Groom as well has the Groom’s Men. In the Pre-Bride Session they capture all the finer details so often missed; the dress, garter, shoes, flowers, makeup and jewelry etc.

When the bride is ready and dressed they photograph her and her entourage, this
enables them to create a story book effect.

Often these sessions provide a good giggle and fond memories about your special day and also offer the concerned parties a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ activities.

Ceromony & Details

Photographs are taken from the front of the church as well as from the back. This lets them capture many different angles during the ceremony.

They have an eye for detail and will surprise you with how many of the small things you may have missed, whether it be a flower, corsage or a hole in your sock!

Bride & Groom

You, the bridal couple, are the most important focal aspect. They prefer to perform this photo session away from guests to ensure that there are no distractions.

A romantic setting is their main topic as your wedding day is the most romantic day you will both experience. It also provides a good opportunity to encourage glossy magazine quality shots.

Reception & Family

Family photographs are taken directly after the service. Depending on the lighting conditions, they can set up a make shift studio for those specific photographs of friends, relatives etc.

Due to the hype of the actual day, it is easy to forget about specific photographs therefore a list of names is requested to ensure you have all the photo’s and have not left someone out.

Their photographic style is casual and fun and there are no set poses with group photographs. They encourage the group to chat, smile, tell jokes etc. This ensures that everyone is relaxed, which will show in your photographs.

The memories of your wedding will last a lifetime, yet long after the flowers have wilted, the invitations have curled, and glasses have been emptied, Your photographs will endure.

Hiring a professional photographer to provide lasting memories of your most special day is the greatest investment you can make to ensure your excitement, planning, and good company are recorded with loving care.

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