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Kip McGrath Education Centres

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The pressure placed on teachers and remedial teachers has greatly increased due to teacher/pupil ratios and the enrolment of children whose home language is not English. To help ease this pressure we have recently opened a Kip McGrath Parkview Education Centre. It is designed to remediate Mathematics, English Reading, Comprehension and Spelling from Grade 1 to Grade 10. Fully qualified teachers, trained in the Kip McGrath method tutor the children.

The program we use is remedially correct, being ideally suited for children who suffer from Attention Deficit Order or Hyperactivity. We offer a free assessment where we assess the child’s reading, comprehension, spelling and mathematics ages using internationally standardised tests. We also test auditory and visual memory perception. If tutoring is requested, an individualised programme to correct the problem is then planned for each child using computers, audio cassettes/cd and individual workbook programmes.

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