Who Knew Canoe Polo Is A Thing?

The invitation said, “Come try canoe polo at the Emmarentia Dam on Sunday morning!” And while I had an idea of what water polo is, and have been in a canoe before, the thought of combining the two had never crossed my mind! 

So I decided to give it a go! I arrived at the club on Sunday morning and was immediately struck by the sound of shouting and laughing. That’s pretty much canoe polo in a nutshell – shouting and laughing!

In essence, you sit in a canoe and toss a ball into a net. How hard can it be? VERY, as it turned out. Keeping my balance was easy (provided someone wasn’t trying to get the ball away from me, and then it wasn’t.) I also quickly realised that I’m not one of the guys that can right themselves without having to evacuate the canoe. But that is something I am told will come with practice – and there was no shortage of both male and female willing helpers.

Canoe Polo

Canoe polo is a team sport. It takes huge amounts of fitness to compete seriously but is a lot of fun for those wanting a great workout and something a little different to try. I began to look forward to the odd dunking as I got hotter, I got better at throwing the ball, and while I am still pretty useless at scoring, I had a blast.

The club welcomes new members and is a great social place for partners and kids to hang out while you’re on the water. While I was there, the kids had their fishing nets out and went searching for crabs along the waterline.

Canoe Polo

Dabulamanzi Club at Emmarentia Dam

Surprisingly, the club has a membership of over 1 000 members including world champions, SA National Team members, SA champions, a strong provincial representation, and recreational paddlers (like myself!)

If this is something you’re keen to try, I suggest taking part in their FREE beginner’s class on Saturday afternoons from 14:00 – 16:00.

Canoe Polo

For More Information

Website: www.dabulamanzi.co.za

Email: info@dabulamanzi.co.za

Tel: 011 486 0979

By Stephen NT 

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