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Kosherfest SA

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A trade and consumer exhibition featuring Kosher only food and beverage products and everything depicting Jewish lifestyle and tradition.

Based on the New York International exhibition, Kosherfest SA endeavours to create a Jewish ambiance with good food, fun and unbelievable entertainment. You won’t leave hungry and you will experience a Jewish shopping experience 5 weeks before Rosh Hashana.

The event incorporates a midweek public holiday and gives a useful destination for most community members. It is anticipated to give Jewish charities a platform to raise much needed funds, but a donation from the event will also be made to charitable organisations.

A sit-down restaurant will be available in the hall and all important formalities will be part of the expo.It is envisaged that a time for retail stores will be set aside for manufacturers and distributors of kosher products from all over the globe will be showcased. Thereafter the entire exhibition will be open to the Jewish public and other interested parties who will be able to purchase products from those exhibitors who are intending to sell goods.

As it is five weeks before Rosh Hashanah, many new and exciting products, both imported and local, will be seen, some for the first time. Smaller companies with items of interest will all have an opportunity to exhibit.

Kosherfest SA runs from Wednesday, 8th and Thursday, 9th of August.

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