Krunch Launches Its Summer Menu

Your One stop healthy food in a hurry shop is updating its menu and we managed to score a sneak peek at it. Here’s what we know about Krunch’s summer menu. 


If there’s one thing social media has played a big part in, it’s the healthy living movement. From inspirational Instagram pages to an ever-expanding health food section in local supermarkets, this revolution is picking up steam. One of the loudest voices on the forefront of South Africa’s good living revival is Daniel Brouze (along with his sister Kim Brouze) of Krunch, the “fresh express” take away spot. To Daniel you are what you eat. It is at this that he started up Krunch – to supply a healthy alternative to fast food.

To freshen things up, Krunch will be launching its new summer menu in early 2017. Much like the old menu, it’s packed with the good stuff but Daniel doesn’t want to spill the beans on the menu’s content just yet. “We have a new summer menu launching in November, which includes delicious zucchini noodle dishes, antioxidant-packed acai smoothies and moreish breakfast bowls. We are also opening a new store in early 2017, but I can’t share too many details just yet.” says Daniel. Offering amazing salads, wraps, smoothies, juices and more, Krunch uses only the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure customers get optimum nutrition without compromising on taste.

For more information on Krunch, please email or call +27 11 784 3198

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