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A combination of colourful pottery, unusual linens, teak furniture, wicker chairs and baskets, that can be combined to create a very unique African interior. These products also make wonderful gifts for visitors who want to take home a memory of Africa.

The brand name Kudinda is derived from the Shona verb Kudhinda which means to print, stamp or press.

Kudinda Fabrics ~ hand printed fabrics, potato cut designs in wall hangings, table and bed linen, cushion covers and clothing.

Kudinda Teak Furniture ~ fine polished teak chairs, tables , daybeds, hall tables and beds.

Kudinda Pottery ~ unique hand painted Ros Byrne Pottery, tableware, decorative vases, christmas and table decorations ~ produced in ruwa and spongeware technique.

Malawi Basketware ~ handwoven fine wicker work chairs side tables and baskets.

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