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Kudu Canopies was established in 2005 to provide quality products to the motor industry by combining the expertise acquired by its members over a forty five year period. Their staff consists of the best manufacturing and sales team available today.

Kudu Canopies manufacture its own locally designed canopies which is built by their own team. Kudu Canopies strive to deliver a high quality product to the consumer at a very reasonable price. Through adopting a personal approach they also strive to deliver excellent service to their clients.

They also offer a one stop canopy, rubber lining, spare wheel lock, gear locks, central locking and sound installations on their premises. No more sending vehicles to different sites for installations – this minimizes the chances of vehicles being hijacked or damaged by accidents.

Kudu Canopies believes that success depends on the following critical strategic factors:

– Deliver a quality service.

– Establish relationships with clients based on added value and product focus.

– Make positive contributions towards PDI and RDP initiatives.

– Deliver “World Class” products.

– Be proactive “Work persistent” and win as a team.

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