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Kumon is an individualised supplementary education system that helps individuals, especially children, to attain their full potential. These Numeracy and Literacy programmes are offered in 45 countries across the world with a current student number in excess of 4 million students worldwide.

Mondays and Thursdays, 12h30 to 16h00
Numeracy (Maths) and literacy (English) classes
Bethesda Methodist Mission
40 St John Road, Houghton
For whom:
Children from the age of 4
Foundation Phase through to Tertiary Levels
How to contact:
See the details alongside
How much:
Cost: R270.00 per subject per month
Added value?
Special talks by educational professionals
Other talks by the official Franchisee and assistant

About Kumon:

Kumon was founded by a Japanese Maths teacher in 1958 and consists of the method that Toru Kumon used to assist his own son in overcoming mathematics problems. It is aimed at the attainment of reaching calculus by the shortest route. The language courses were added after Toru Kumon observed that good literacy ability helped mathematical ability.

Currently the Kumon method is being used in 45 countries with over 4,1million students to unlock the potential of these students through the Maths and language courses. The Southern African Kumon company currently has over 20 000 students in 5 African countries, in more than 300 centres. Many children have been assisted to surpass their own expectations, and testimonials can be supplied on request.

The Kumon philosophy believes in the ability of every individual to continue to develop and grow on a daily basis. As the students grow in their ability, the instructors (facilitators in a centre) grow daily by watching the way in which children learn, thus they are constantly learning from their own students as to the best ways to instruct to attain the best result.

Kumon believes in the necessity of daily study to develop good study habits. Exceptions are made for religious beliefs with regard to 7 day a week study, but there is no period in the year in which the students do not work on their worksheets. As the brain is a muscle, and the development of a muscle depends on using it, constant training is necessary. The musician and the athlete know that practice makes perfect, the Kumon scholar has the same experiences.

The Kumon method believes that there are only learning opportunities in any mistakes made, and students are encouraged to analyse their mistakes to learn from them. Constant praise and recognition for growth and development is given.

Kumon believes in kindness to children. Praise and positive affirmation is constant. No child is labeled and placed in a category, as they are motivated to develop to be the best they can be, and more.

In this way Kumon is suitable for all people, young and old, in any country in the world. Due to this the Kumon method is not coupled to the curriculum of any country, and follows a linear progression by incremental steps, from the basics of the topic to tertiary level. Success breeds success, and as students succeed in mastering a topic, they progress to the next topic. No two people will ever follow exactly the same route through the programme, but every person can attain completion of the programme.

Kumon is not a quick fix to a problem, but rather the development of life skills through studying Maths and English that will have results in many spheres of a persons’ individual life.

Kumon builds competency, confidence, courage, independence and a “can do” approach to life. Self-learning principles are used, and these will help the Kumon student in all areas of life.

Kumon is for all children anywhere in the world

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