La Marina Foods: Joburg’s Hidden Seafood Paradise

There are really only two types of people in this world – those who love seafood and those who don’t. My family has always been split down the middle on the subject making it hard for my Dad and I to get our fishy fix but that’s probably what makes me crave it even more. There are very few things more satisfying than a big plate of tiger prawns or a luxurious crayfish tail smothered in garlic butter and if you feel the same way that I do about seafood, then you are going to thank me for this little hidden gem!


La Marina supplies all your favourite deli’s and restaurants, they are the supplier and by way of deduction that means they have more than everyone else. Yes I’m over simplifying it a bit but that really doesn’t make it less true. Walking through the doors you will immediately notice that they aren’t messing around. They stock everything from that cooking show you love and that you thought you would never find in South Africa. It’s a real foodies dream come true.

From truffles to caviar and crayfish, you won’t be disappointed. I walked through some of the isles and wept because lobster doesn’t exactly feature on my shopping list this time of the month… or at all.

They also have a little cafe on premises which focuses on the finer side of seafood. The menu includes delicacies at rather inviting prices like 6 Black Tiger Prawns and Chips for just R110; Grilled Abalone with Rice for R105 and 6 Oysters and a Glass of Bubbly for just R85. I was too busy that afternoon to get a table but I won’t make that mistake again. The next time I visit I’ll go with a few hours aside and a fistful of cash.

I met the general manager Karl who is a really down to earth guy and I find that always speaks volumes for an establishment. He mentioned how they could get you anything you want whether they stock it or not. He will make it happen be it from Russia or the depths of the pacific, delicacies are their business and for my money I think they’re doing a fantastic job.

Address: 7 Platinum Drive, Longmeadow North Business Park, Modderfontein
Telephone: +27 011 608 3277
Website: Visit the at

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