Restaurante Parreirinha 101

For the best prawns in the south head to Restaurante Parreirinha. We’ve been there a couple of times, and let’s tell you – those couple of times have not been enough. Here’s why:


Peri peri is huge in Joburg. Massive. Nobody can’t get enough of it. It’s by far one of our favourite flavours on the planet. Peri peri wings for breakfast, that’s what we’re talking about. You can take it a step further and say that Portuguese is huge in Joburg. Restaurante Parreirinha rates right up there with the best – if not the best!

This authentic Portuguese restaurant opened its doors in 1975. The building itself used to be an old police station. The prison cells and bars are still there. Restaurante Parreirinha was started by two brothers-in-law who shared an impeccable passion for food. This is evidenced by the dishes they create. Make a point of popping by and check it out for yourself , Your taste buds will thank us. Dishes such as the steak a Parreirinha (which is a beautiful rump steak dressed in ham and asparagus basted in a secret mustard sauce) and the grilled pork slices (sliced pork fillet topped with an egg, and garlic sauce) are the reason why Restaurante Parreirinha is always packed to the brim. And seeing as it’s an authentic Portuguese restaurant, there are prawns aplenty – and tender grilled chicken to die for.

Keep an eye on their website because they change the specials every now and then. But let’s move on to dessert, shall we? Let’s talk about the Barril de Natas which is a barrel shaped traditional Portuguese custard-filled pastry. You simply just have to try it. They’re so good that they’d be our choice for breakfast every day for a year. Yeah…

By Shawn Greyling

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6 thoughts on “Restaurante Parreirinha 101

  1. Just a little worried about parking , mr bosses Porche was crashed into while parked almost in front of the door. Its a pity because they do have prawns to die for.


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