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La Prima Vera Art was established to offer ordinary people the chance to buy their favourite painter’s works of art. Imagine for a moment… an exquisite hand-painted oil on canvas reproduction of Monet’s Water Lilies in your dining room, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in your living room, a Picasso or Dali hanging in your entrance hall or adorning the walls of your office!

Owning a work of beautiful art is not a privilege only a selected few should have, everybody should be in the position to experience the warmth and joy of works of art around them, for it is part of life’s experience.

All paintings are 100% hand-painted by experienced artists. They do not use any computer process techniques. The reproductions are very close to the original one in colour, style, and texture. Most of the paintings are unframed to allow customers to choose a frame according to their personal interior design.

La Prima Vera Art offers you affordable and quality oil on canvas reproductions of the masters’ paintings. Now you can afford, and own your favourite paintings. They offer you the following options:

– You can buy paintings in stock,

– You can order specific ones, or

– You can rent those you like.

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