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The little ballerinas of the garden twirl to the whispered music of the wind. Sometimes in slow and dreamy motion, at others in vibrant, surging pirouettes. Often just lightly poised on points of long-legged elegance – lost in the eternal beauty of a moment. Grace in movement, grace in stillness, grace in silhouette. One of the most beautiful of flowers.

I have always marvelled at the fuchsia. My friends know that I enjoy them, and dabble with some success in propagating them from cuttings. I am always on the lookout for new varieties and colours. I quite often happily receive them as presents. And now I have just returned from an excursion to buy some new plants, and have returned with 12. Six of them are well established, whilst the other six are smaller and, therefore, cheaper too.

Through the hot sun, and the rushing Monday traffic… just press PAUSE there for a moment. You know I could hardly believe the number of times that a car crossed an intersection in front of me AFTER the robot had turned green for me! And no – it wasn’t a taxi. I think people’s driving is getting worse – and the numbers of humps that now swell up on more and more suburban roads is a terrible indictment on our driving. This is us people, not ‘them’. Come on. Drive responsibly and considerately. Who knows you may stop the person behind you from causing an accident! This is our city – claim the roads. Make the highway a ‘high way’.

Where was I, before that commercial break? O yes, negotiating the traffic. What a pleasure it was then to arrive into the uncluttered and peaceful coolness of the nursery – and not just any nursery, but the Lady Beth Fuchsia Nursery in Fourways. Tucked away, overlooking the Norscot Reserve, it is a quiet pocket of peace.

I wandered through, enjoying the shaded stillness, the peaceful pond and the splashes of colourful clivia. The paths led me amongst the selection of plants, with their colour photos and descriptions, which made selection easier – and more complicated, because there was so much beauty from which to choose. They have specialised in fuchsias since 1988, and ‘maintain a collection of between 800 and 1000 different varieties.’ I was fortunate in meeting Lady Beth herself and having her help me in my final choice. After they had been packed in the car, she very gently intimated to me, with firm glance, that I should now go straight home so that they did not get too hot. I did. They didn’t.

One of the wonderful things about fuchsias is that the bushes can look good even when they are not flowering, and they respond so positively to caring attention – whether it is often or occasional. There are different varieties for pots, hanging baskets, trailing displays and upright neatness. They can be planted in the garden soil or in containers of different sizes. At the moment I have mine in pots as I find that I look after them better, in terms of watering and feeding.

Wherever you live, if it has an outside area, you have space for an elegant friend, to bring a bit more colour into your life. Surrounded as we are by concrete, noise and rush, we need something to look at that reminds us of a different sort of grace, beauty and loveliness – and to hear something inside us respond in answer, “Yes, it really is good.”

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We were born for beauty – don’t cripple it. Set it free

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