Last Hazel Night Market for 2014

Make sure you check out this year’s final Hazel Food Night Market this weekend!

I have a confession to make…I am the one secretly wishing for the rainy weather to continue…yes it’s true, I’m a cold, rainy-weather kind of girl. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch, wrapped in soft blankets while drinking a delicious red. I must admit that summer kind of has its perks too… for one, the perfect evening weather that South Africa is blessed with. The perfect kind of weather for a night market!

Now I know I’ve mentioned the Hazel Food Market before, but that was a year ago AND it was a tiny titbit as part of a feature. And I do believe that as one of the most popular markets in Pretoria, it deserves a lot more coverage. So I am very glad to finally have an excuse to write about it again- the night owl version is back.

I was lucky enough to attend the Hazel Food Night Market in October, because the next one on 6 December is the only one left for the year. And it’s a must-visit! The morning market still runs every Saturday from 8am ‘til 2pm, where families can enjoy, breakfast, brunch or lunch under the trees. But the night market is truly a special occasion.

The laid-back atmosphere of the morning market still lingers after sunset, but there’s something very special about spending an evening outside in a vibey spot. Plus, I do have a thing for fairy lights and bunting and I must say, the ambience is just perfect.

Other special additions to the night market include craft beer, wine and cocktails, but you can expect the usual suspects there as well. Lamb on the spit, Asian dumplings, fresh juices, schwarmas, cupcakes, salads and so much more. But here are a few things that specifically caught my eye this time around:

Greek-style tapas

If you suffer from menu envy as I do, this kind of eating works the best. Little helpings of cheese, olives, spanakopita and fresh salads that you dish up and share at the table. This is also great if you want to sample a few things from the other stalls. Other small bites that you can try include samosas and dumplings that are all worth it.

Fresh bread & cheese

Another wonderful idea for the table, especially if a few people want to sit down while the others browse between the food stalls. Fresh breads and pretzels go so well with the artisan cheeses that you just have to grab a bottle of wine and relax – French pique-nique style.

The cocktail bar

Crispy Mojitos made to order are just what the doctor ordered for a warm summer evening. At another cocktail stall, you can even try a drink made with fresh coconut, which they actually serve in that very same coconut. It’s impressive to watch and quite fun to drink.

Sweet Angels Gourmet Fudge

I don’t even like fudge, but trust me, this man works magic. You have to try his granadilla flavoured one – it’s got a tangy twist that makes this bite-sized treat simply delicious! Other flavours include bubble-gum, rooibos tea, wasabi & peanut butter and even cookie dough. There’s another stall selling homemade old-school candies and toffees, complete with striped wrapping paper and cellophane. A touch of nostalgia that’s just perfect for the sweet tooth.

Home-made Belgian chocolate truffles

These hardly need an explanation, but here’s a tip – try the peanut butter crunch – my entire family loved this dark chocolate bite. There are also flavours like New York cheesecake, Lemongrass, Cardamom & Spice and Tarragon & mustard if you’re feeling adventurous.

Don’t miss the Hazel Food Night Market this Saturday from 17:00 – 21:00 (and go early to secure a spot at a table).

For more info, like their Facebook page. or visit

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