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The long awaited LegalGear supplement range will now finally be available in South Africa. Rage SA and LegalGear USA has joined forces to bring the most advanced supplement range to South Africa. LegalGear announced its arrival by being the first supplement company to release Methyl 1-Test, taking pro-hormone efficacy to a whole new level. Next came PowerTrain, one of the first energy supplements to contain NADH in a specialty coating to prevent breakdown. Product after product, LegalGear has defined the future of sports supplements, taking research, product safety, quality and most importantly, RESULTS to a whole new level.

First shipment is due to land the last week of October 2005! Rage SA will be distributing the product range to various retailers all over South Africa.

Rage SA now brings you this one time only offer, whereby you can purchase the LegalGear products directly from Rage SA.

The product range includes:

Methyl 1-P

By finding the right progestin, we were able to deliver a totally legal muscle monster that is even more active than many illegal steroids. It’s more potent that many of the favorite illegal anabolics on the black market. We then added in our nutrient partitioning agents and we had a winner capable of building 10 lbs of mass in 2 weeks! The great thing about the active ingredient in M1P is that it won’t turn into estrogen and will give you dry, solid gains in mass with limited side effects. The best reported benefit of M1P by our testers is the body composition changes rivaling the most potent illegal steroids and pro-hormones and because it can’t convert to estrogen and we added in our own patent pending aromatase inhibitor that is more potent than anything on the market, you can bet that M1P is guaranteed to be free from estrogenic side effects and frees up more of your body’s own testosterone to act as a natural stack. Only R 498.00 incl VAT.

Methyl 1-Alpha

Recently a few of our ads were stolen off a popular magazine site on our new pro-hormone product Methyl 1-ALPHA™. The competition is so afraid of our scientific knowledge in LEGAL pro-hormones; they have been trying to do anything to get information on our new products. This beauty was supposed to be a surprise, but since the cat is out of the bag so to speak we figured that we could now tell you what we have been working on.

Based on our testers, you should have gains similar to Methyl-1-Test with this product, even though it is 100% legal. It is a potent, yet completely legal pro-hormone, so it should be used only by people over 21 years of age and with permission from a doctor. The gains will be very dry gains that you can keep.

Innovation is something we are known for at LegalGear and Methyl 1-ALPHA™ is no different. It is a VERY potent and VERY legal pro-hormone that is similar to the popular supplement Methyl-1-Test in potency, but is an isomer to a legal pro-hormone, so it is 100% legal and not able to be scheduled using current legislation. Luckily, we have patent pending on these compounds plus 5 of its closest relatives, so we will be the only company selling this compound along with our patent pending M1P.

The interesting thing about the Methyl 1-ALPHA™ is that it can NOT convert into estrogen or provide any gyno symptoms and it is AWESOME to stack with Methyl-1-P. So again LegalGear is on top of their game, bringing you the best science has to offer and the best the law will allow!

The gains from Methyl 1-ALPHA™ are very dry and explosive, which means that you are going to make fast and strong gains without any bloating. Methyl 1-ALPHA™ has the capacity to have great increases in strength. Many of the tester experienced their personal best when using Methyl 1-ALPHA™ as part of their normal workout procedure. The gains from Methyl 1-ALPHA™ will be similar to the explosive gains once experienced with the now illegal Methyl-1-Test. Only R 479.00 incl VAT.

Formadrol Extreme

Formadrol V2 combines two of the best-known anti-estrogen ingredients to make one killer product whether you are on cycle or off cycle. 4-Hydroxy Androstenedione has one great quality in the body! It is known as a suicide inhibitor. This product is proven to bind to Aromatase, which is the nasty enzyme that converts Testosterone into Estrogen. Estrogen conversion through Aromatase is one key factor in destroying your gains and stopping you from being lean and vascular. On cycle, it is a great way to prevent the symptoms of extra estrogen like gyno and increased water weight. Off cycle it provides a positive Testosterone to Estrogen ratio that can help restore natural Testosterone production.

Additionally we added Diadzin, which is a phyto-chemical that acts in two great ways in the body. One, it is a competitive estrogen inhibitor, which like Nolva and Clomid, prevents binding of real estrogen to your receptors. Two, it is shown in the literature to be a partial binder of 5 alpha reductase (5aR). This is the other nasty enzyme that is responsible for hair loss! Post cycle it may help re-grow lost hair and boost normal testosterone levels. Used on or off cycle to increase androgen levels and reduce estrogen. Only R 375.00 incl VAT.

Best stacking cycle:

For a very effective cycle of ten weeks, here are the details: run Methyl 1-ALPHA™/Methyl-1P for 6 weeks to achieve the best results. Following the completion of this cycle, four weeks of Formadrol Extreme will bring your natural testosterone production back to where it should be..


Weeks 1-2 ………………3 caps Methyl 1-ALPHA™ (60 mg) / 3 Caps Methyl-1P

Weeks 3-4 ………………6 Caps Methyl-1P

Weeks 5-6 ………………6 Caps Methyl-1P

Week 7 …………………..3 caps Formadrol

Week 8 …………………..2 caps Formadrol

Week 9 …………………..1 cap Formadrol

Week 10 …………………1 cap Formadrol

Cold Fusion Explosion

Cold Fusion Explosion is the latest addition to your muscle building arsenal from the experts at LegalGear. Using an advanced matrix of Creatine Ester Malate along with the latest NO potentiators, Cold Fusion Explosion is by far the most advanced combination complex on the market. In studies the ingredient matrix in Cold Fusion Explosion provided these benefits:

250% Increase in workout intensity 40% Increase in athletic performance

Extreme body recomposition with just one serving

Increased lean mass from the first scoop

Insane pumps and strength increases

Pumps that last all day long

Killer energy and focus improve lifting performance by up to 230%

Cold Fusion NO was one of our best selling products. Thousands of customers have used it with great results. However, at LegalGear, we are never satisfied. If we can improve a product, we will. Our loyal customers are always pushing the envelope, with more weights and harder workouts. We at LegalGear will also, always push the envelope, with greater products that will help you reach your goals! Only R 398.00 incl VAT.

Combo Special: (1x Methyl-1 P) + (1 x Methyl 1-Alpha)

+ (1x Formadrol Extreme) = R 1250.00 incl VAT


So don’t miss out! Get your order in today!!

Please e-mail your requirements and contact details to RageSA or contact us on the order line supplied.

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