LG X Cam Takes On Joburg

LG Mobile released a very sexy smartphone and we were one of the first to test drive it… and we are sold. 


If there is one thing LG Mobile is into it’s creating new and interesting takes on the smartphone. Take for instance the LG G5 with its interchangeable module. What we have here is a tech company interested in innovation and fun and can’t be bothered with competing for the biggest RAM or fastest CPU. Sure they have mobile devices that can put a hand-held gaming console to shame but let’s focus on innovation for now.

With that said, let’s break out the LG X Cam. It’s sleek, super sexy and extremely nifty. At 6.5mm this slim smartphone packs a solid silver casing which looks smooth and feels strong. The LG X Cam allows you to capture photos with its dual camera setup. It boasts a standard 13Mp camera as well as 120° wide angle camera right next to it. The dual rear camera shoots 78° regular angle photos. We took the phone for a spin at a couple of events and expos, and it impressed us very much. Both cameras held their own even in low light scenarios.

Let’s get down to the tech specs, shall we? The LG X Cam comes stock standard with Android Marshmallows which is a huge upgrade from the somewhat buggy Lollipop. It’s got 16Gb of onboard memory and runs 2Gb of RAM. The CPU is lacking in Ghz but it comes up for it in cores… not too sure what that means? Google, bro. Anyway… The LG X Cam has a Octa-core 1.14 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU and we like it plenty lots… indeed.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a lekker LTE enabled phone with a good camera that doesn’t break the bank then go for the LG X Cam. This reviewer was sceptical but soon fell in love with the phone.

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