Life Day Spa – for when life gets a little too much

Life Day Spa – for when life gets a little too much

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There are many perks when having a job like mine, but sadly neck and back pain is not one of them. I spend a LOT of time behind a computer or in meetings and often feel quite short-tempered and grumpy with the constant nagging pain that is always present in my neck and shoulders. That being said, there just never seems to be enough time to do anything about it, other than a quick trip to the physio when I actually start clenching my jaw because it’s so sore! And to be fair, it’s not like I spend that much time exercising. Well, any time exercising, to be honest.

I therefore jumped at the chance to road-test the newly renovated Life Day Spa in Fourways, right next door to Design Quarter. I have only been there once before, and that was for a pedicure before a special occasion, and so I was dying to see what the new-look was all about.

First, let me say that Life Day Spa is absolutely FINE for popping in and out, but you really should take the time out to enjoy their free facilities. There is a stunning warm heated spa bath that you can lie in (bring your swimming costume) or even sit and read a book. It’s incredible private, and so you don’t have to worry about showing your pale winter skin to the world! There is also a health bar with a variety of complimentary drinks – you can even ask them to order you a snack from the Woolworths at Design Quarter if you are feeling peckish (but that will be for your own account!) There is also a sauna, steam room and Swiss shower. You can use the heat of the sauna or steam room to detox, relax and unwind, before heading into the “surround shower” to rinse off and bring your body back to the right temperature. (I loved that shower!)

The treatment I chose (it was actually recommended to me) was the Sulis Relax Ritual – a relaxing 90 minute slice of heaven that felt like it went on for hours! The treatment is designed to provide the ultimate relaxation for clients while also allowing your mind to unwind.

Before the treatment began, I had to remove my gown and put on a very sexy disposable G-string and shower cap. I then lay down under a warm towel and waited for the therapist. She performed some expert draping so that only one part of my anatomy was exposed at a time, which was great for both privacy and warmth! First, she massaged a hot sugar body scrub all over my legs and arms, as well as my back. This was largely for exfoliation purposes, but it was also unbelievably relaxing. I was then asked to pop into the shower in the corner of the room to rinse off the scrub, and was left with silky smooth and fragrant skin. I was in heaven.

I then got back in my gown and slippers and headed downstairs to a treatment room. I was amazed to find that the therapist could adjust the lighting to suit the mood and needs of the client (she chose green for me to help me relax). I then lay on my stomach and was again covered with towels while the therapist mixed together some aromatherapy oils for the massage. I was asked to take three deep breaths to inhale the scent of the oils, before the first part of the massage begun.

And this is where it got REALLY interesting. Before any massaging took place, the therapist applied pressure to certain muscles through the towel, while also stretching and bending my arms and legs. Once I learned to relax and let her do all the work, I felt as if I was in a trance. By the time she began the actual massage, I couldn’t have told you my cell phone number if my life had depended on it – I was so sleepy! I must say that I have been for quite a few massages in my life, but this had to be the most unique, relaxing and LASTING massage I have ever had. It was incredible.

I then had a rather sublime pedicure (at an additional cost) while lying down in the massage room, which was just wonderful because I had extra time to relax with a heated eye mask on my eyes without feeling like I needed to chat!

The cost for the Sulis Relax Ritual is R690 for 90 minutes of pure heaven– but you can easily spend another two hours using the complimentary facilities and make a real Spa Day of it. I was also interested to see that Life Day Spa has a stunning special at the moment: a Proudly South African Package comprising a 30 minute massage, express facial, classic pedicure AND free use of their spa bath, sauna, steam room and Swiss Shower for R690 (for a three-hour package).

If you can make a plan – please book. It is absolute heaven – you will walk out of there feeling like a much-nicer person!

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