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Effective interpersonal communication skills are a crucial factor in any kind of business success.

LifeLine Johannesburg a not-for-profit organisation providing ongoing emotional wellness services, launched its LifeSkills Corporate Training division in 1998. LifeLine Johannesburg offers a range of various courses that are especially designed to expand your interpersonal communication.

Skills include listening and effective responding; personal growth and awareness; assertiveness and conflict management; valuing people differences and stress Management.

LifeSkills Corporate Training’s strengths lie within their Training excellence. Professional trainers have undergone the intense LifeLine counsellor training and are highly skilled in group process and facilitation. LifeSkills experiential, participative approach ensures personal “buy in” and commitment to learning and the Customised courses and interventions are well suited to clients’ needs and requirements.

Training is offered on a national basis as LifeLine has branches throughout South Africa.
Courses are Services SETA Accredited, and LifeLine Johannesburg is a B-BBEE Level 4 Supplier.

We believe that LifeSkills Corporate Training can assist your company in developing highly effective employees with insightful communication and interpersonal skills.

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