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Your mood, your style, your design…

A touch of green for the dinner party; feeling like a cool blue or a hot red; a soft yellow for the orchids on the terrace; purple for the late night rendezvous.

Express yourself… in the living room with friends… the dining room… the bedroom… relaxing in the bath… the backyard…

Light Age candles and lights are powered by the Lounge Light Engine – a patented 100+ hour battery with a long-lasting colour-changing and programmable LED. You can have any colour of the colour spectrum at the touch of a button, or you can let it slowly rotate through the seven main colours.

The standard candles burn for up to 40 hours and can be refilled. Tealight candles have a replaceable candle insert.

Party lights are water-tight and can float on pools and ponds.

Cosmo lites are hand-carved.

All products are self-powered and wireless which means they can be used anywhere.

Light Age provide the full range of replacement parts, including the LED chip and battery.

Candles for Life!

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