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The highly anticipated re-opening of Liliesleaf in Rivonia received endorsement of the highest honour on the evening of Friday, 30th of May 2008, as local politicians, family and friends of the Rivonia trialists gathered together to launch the Liliesleaf Legacy Project. The evening commemorated “a strategic point in South African history”, and noted the humanistic sacrifices made by struggle veterans, one week before the new experiential and interactive museum will open its doors to the public.

Liliesleaf Farm was the site where the Rivonia Trialists were arrested in July 1963, and is accepted by the African National Congress as the birthplace of Umkhonto we Sizwe. On Monday, 9th of June Liliesleaf reopened its doors to a dramatically different socio-political climate, allowing the original infrastructures to tell the story of the unique group of leaders who were committed to bringing about socio-political transformation.

Liliesleaf aims to bring the events that took place in Rivonia 44 years ago into South Africa’s current socio-political context by allowing the original infrastructures to recreate the living and working environment at the time of the raid. The restoration process was a collaborative effort between archaeological findings, oral recollections and archival and historical research to document the history of the liberation struggle for current and future generations.

Liliesleaf opened its doors to the public on Monday, 9th of June 2008. Features include:

The Resource Centre:
Which will sustain Liliesleaf’s tradition of intellectual discourse and provide academics, scholars and visitors access to historical material, records and critical theoretical writings on the Struggle.

The Museum:
Which consists of manor house, the thatched cottage, the outhouse buildings and the water tank coal bunker. The museum will offer an interactive and experiential snapshot of South Africa’s recent history.

Liberation path:
Which will connect the Resource Centre with the Liberation Centre and will be lined with authentic struggle posters.

Liberation centre:
The Liberation Centre will be the entry point of the visitor’s “journey of enlightenment” – from liberation to transformation. This multipurpose centre will house;

– a crèche, curio and coffee shop
– an information and ticket reception
– permanent and temporary exhibits
– an auditorium (66 seats)
The sixty-six seat auditorium will show an introductory film to set the historical and political context for the visitor. From the Liberation Centre visitors will make their way through the historical buildings and structures which will offer them an insightful interactive experience.

Liliesleaf occupies an integral aspect of South Africa’s heritage and history. The vision of Liliesleaf Trust is to maintain the historical site, which is constituted by the buildings, documents and people so intricately connected to it, as well as present a unique ethos of leadership and pro-activity in the face of adversity. Liliesleaf seeks to position itself within the broader context of the liberation struggle in South Africa. Through its world-class facilities and learning resources, Liliesleaf endeavours to broaden the channels of learning about South Africa’s past for the local and international public.

Celebrate the transformation of our nation, and visit Liliesleaf during the month of June. For reservations or enquiries, please contact Southern Spoor Marketing on the details alongside.

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