Lipstick Shades To Wear This Season

Cold weather got you feeling down? Well, why not experiment with some lipstick shades to match your outfit each day and get you feeling beautiful? Not that you need another excuse to buy make-up but check out our list of the Best Winter Lipsticks you need to try out.

lipstick 2


The burgundy lipstick in matte is like the evil twin to the red lipstick. It creates a bold statement, that suggests a bit of mystery and confidence. The texture is a bit soft and dewy, so it looks skin like and natural, not hard and matte, making it a perfect match your dark outfit. Plus, it suits most skin tones.


You can’t go wrong with nude lipstick. The idea of wearing nude lipstick is enticing and seemingly effortless. The trick with this shade, is creating a certain balance with the rest of your make-up. You can play around with different shades from beiges, warm caramels and soft pinks. This is simple, basic but creates a fine statement.

Green Lipstick

If you’re all about trying something new, bold, funky, fresh and a bit out of your comfort zone then try out the green shade… in matte. This shade can match your military colours (brown, black, beige or even khaki outfits) that you can wear in a sheer way.

Lipstick 1


Bright, bold red lips have always been a classic over the years. This shade can look fun, sexy or dramatic depending on what you are wearing, meaning that you don’t have to wear it on occasions only.


This lipstick is super sexy, super edgy, super chic yet may be difficult to incorporate depending on your skin tone and the type of purple it is. With this shade of lipstick you should keep your make-up neutral by adding a natural smokey eye look.

By Neo Sesinye

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