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Live an Original Life

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“We were never intended to grow up into the kind of adults
most of us have become”

Sandra Magsamen

Be inspired – Sandboarding
We can’t snowboard in Joburg, but thanks to our mining heritage we can sandboard!

The mine dumps of Joburg are the place for adrenaline junkies to hang out and attempt this fast-growing sport. You may notice certain riders doing 180’s, Ollie’s and other cool tricks, but if you are a newbie you might want to practice first.

Learn to sandboard with Pure Rush Industries – Sandboard School. The instructors will strap you down, get the blood rushing through your veins, and at the end of the day you will be gliding over sand and addicted to the thrill of Sandboarding.

Tel: +27 11 918 2379
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About Original* Iced Cocktails
Say goodbye to umpteen half-full bottles of liquors and liqueurs cluttering up your entertainment area, as well as the hassle of having to pre-mix at least two different cocktail recipes upon the arrival of expectant party guests. Simply remove Original* Iced Cocktails from the freezer, massage the frozen pouch quickly through your hands, open and dispense into a waiting, dressed cocktail glass. Nothing could be easier or classier.

Should the Original* Iced Cocktail product have over-frozen, run the pouch under tepid water for approximately 10 seconds, and then continue to serve, as per the above. Original* Iced Cocktail can also be refrigerated and served over crushed iced.

Original* Iced Cocktails are available at most reputable liquor outlets.

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