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Despite their name, laptops don’t work very well when used on your lap, as they tend to build up heat due to exhaust fans and warm batteries. This leads to discomfort, which is no fun when you’re trying to watch a movie or TV show you downloaded to your notebook, reclined in your favourite chair.
Logitech’s solution is the Comfort Lapdesk, an angled desk-like object with a padded underside. It rests gently on your lap, with the polyurethane/polyester underside insulating your legs from the heat your notebook generates. It’s very comfortable, even against bare legs, and remains that way for hours, even when your notebook heats up.
The angled desk-like surface also helps to ensure comfort, as it allows your notebook’s screen to be angled such that neck-strain is reduced. It’s a wee bit slippery, though, so notebooks will edge their way downwards over time, but other than that it’s a good concept, well-executed.

• Notebook stand for your lap

• Keeps heat off your legs

• Tilted surface aids comfort levels


Rating: 4/5

SanDisk SansaFuze

• Affordable iPod alternative

• 4GB onboard memory plus SD card slot

• Also plays video

R1 299.95

SanDisk has an alternative to Apple’s ubiquitous player by way of the new SansaFuze. It is a very compact player that has the kind of options that make its budget price very attractive, from video and music playback to integrated FM radio reception and even memory card support.
Music is the star of the show, though, as video playback is not as smooth or clear as that of the iPod. Overall sound quality is very good, and there is even an equaliser so that you can play around until you have your music sounding exactly as you like it.
The built-in FM receiver gives you radio on the go, too, so you can listen to the cricket on the quiet while you’re working. The interface is a little quirky, though, which we hope SanDisk works on in future firmware updates. Despite this, the Fuze is still a very cool media device.

Rating: 3/5

Microsoft Wireless Notebook PresenterMouse 8000


• Wireless mouse and presentation assistant in one

• Uses laser technology

• Bluetooth-enabled


Mobile professionals who spend a lot of time in meetings and making presentations will be very happy with this little device: it’s a compact wireless mouse as well as a presentation assistant.
On the underside are presentation controls which let you change slides, adjust your volume, and even blank the screen completely without needing to touch your laptop. It also has a very useful laser pointer for added emphasis, and a range of 10m thanks to Bluetooth.
Its mouse functions are likewise quite polished, and it is smooth and responsive in Windows. This is a mouse that travels well, has plenty of functions that will make a professional’s life easier come presentation time, and one which we highly recommend.

Rating: 4/5

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