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MACBETH is one of Shakespeare’s most popular and accessible plays. The shortest of the tragedies, its central theme of humanity which is sacrificed to ambition has found expression in countless versions and a variety of different styles and settings all over the world. Although set in Scotland and based in part on Scottish legend, the play has been placed in various locations and periods from ancient to contemporary without compromising its powerful and moving message of love destroyed by lust for power.

The challenge of integrating the themes of witchcraft and ghostly manifestations into the very human story of Macbeth and his Lady has fascinated directors and actors for centuries. What distinguishes different productions of the play from one another is how the insidious promptings of the “weird sisters” are balanced with Lady Macbeth’s natural desire for power, which together bring about her own and her husband’s destruction. The Actors Centre’s MACBETH, is directed by Mark Graham, and uses the exploration of this balance of power as its central idea; its setting and time frame offers an exciting insight into the nature of power and its allure for the human race.

The production is presented in the intimate Tesson Theatre at The Johannesburg Civic Theatre from Wednesday, February 15th until Saturday, March 11th. Performances are Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8pm.

All tickets are R60, excluding Computicket booking fee. Discounted tickets for groups of ten or more are available by calling VIP Ticketing +27 11 877 6854.

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