Mapogo A Mathamaga – Business & Community Shield

Mapogo A Mathamaga – Business & Community Shield

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Mapogo A Mathamaga has developed a system which has made the time and effort spent on preventing and reporting crime, an easier task. Mapogo A Mathamaga’s success statistics speaks for itself.

• 85% of their clients NEVER experience criminal activity
• 62% Recover Success Rate

Over the past fourteen years Mapogo A Mathamaga has given each of its customer’s peace of mind, and established a fearsome force against crime and criminals. The Mapogo A Mathamaga service is a cost effective service and one of the best ways to protect your family and prized possessions.

What sets them apart is their offering – they identify and remove criminal elements in residential environments prior to incidents. They are also proactive and use local sources and investigate leads that will help them to prevent crime.

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