Mature Tree Auction

Mature Tree Auction

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The first week of September is Arbor Week. To celebrate this occasion Brian Gush of Sun Gardens in North Riding decided to sell 350 advanced, mature and huge trees on AUCTION. Barry, a veteran in the tree growing industry, has 21 years of experience and is a fountain of knowledge in the world of trees. As a supplier to the landscaping industry he maintains that “Life’s too short to watch a tree grow. Leave that to the professionals.”

Sun Gardens offers uniform and sturdy trees that are settled and that will adapt with ease. Included in the 70 species on offer are acacias, bushwillow, camphor, deodar cedar, fever, magnolia, pin oak, poplar, paper bark, and sweet gums. As an additional service Sun Gardens will provide planting, selection and placement services. The auction takes place on Thursday, 4th September at 11h00. Sun Gardens is located on Witkoppen road between the R511 and R512, approximately 4km west of Fourways. More details are available on the website alongside, or phone Barry on the number alongside.

If you need a mature tree make, sure to call at Sun Gardens a day or two prior to the auction to discuss your needs with Barry. The varieties on offer are:
Black monkey thorn
Common hook thorn
Monkey thorn
Sweet thorn
Paperbark thorn
Fever tree
White pear
Bay leaf
Red ivory
False olive
Cape chestnut
White stinkwood
Giant pock ironwood
Camphor tree
River bush-willow
Forest bush-willow
Wild pear
Wild apricot
Coral tree
Blue guarri
Natal fig
Broom cluster fig
Maidenhair tree
Wild plum
Parsley tree
Lavender tree
Wild peach
Glossy privet
Sweet gum
Transvaal red milkwood
Wild olive
Plane tree
Outeniqua yellowwood
Henkel’s yellowwood
Real yellowwood
Red stinkwood
Red stinkwood
Red currant
White karee
Common currant
Weeping boer-bean
Forest waterberry
Camphor bush
Chinese elm
Yesterday today & tomorrow
Buffalo thorn

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