Mediterranean Beef Burgers with Caramelized Red Onion

Make your own burgers at home – less fatty and much tastier!


Makes 12 – 16 burgers. (Depending how fat you make the patti’s) Shopping List 1 kg Topside Mince
White Onions
1kg Red Onions
1kg Jam Tomatoes or Large Rosa Tomatoes
Fresh Rocket
Head of Parmesan
Dry Mustard
Dry Coriander
Portuguese Steak Seasoning (optional)
Worcester sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper
Cooking Oil
Olive Oil
Brown Treacle Sugar
Rolls of your choice Ps: you will probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard. Burger Patti’s Ingredients 1 kg Topside Mince
2 small White Onions or 1 big one finely chopped or grated
1 Cup Breadcrumbs
3 Large Eggs
15 ml Dry Mustard
5 ml Dry Coriander
10 ml Portuguese Steak Seasoning
3 Garlic Cloves or 5 ml chopped Garlic
30 ml Parsley (chopped)
15 ml Worcester Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste How to make it Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly – use your hands.
We know this sounds yucky, but the only way to check for enough salt, is to taste a a little of the raw mince. You don’t have to swallow – just taste, and then add more salt if needed.
Lightly grease hands with oil and roll ball of mince (like a frikkadel) about 116 – 120 grams.
Flatten to look like a patti whilst keeping the round form.
Make a little indentation in the middle – so that they don’t shrink that much when cooking.
Place on lightly oiled tray and cover with clingwrap.
You can cook them in a lightly oiled pan, on the flat grill or over the fire.
PS: Don’t over cook; they must be soft to the touch not stiff and hard! Shopping List for Caramelized Tomato and Onion 1kg Jam Tomatoes or Large Rosa Tomatoes
1 kg Red Spanish Onions
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Brown Treacle Sugar How to make it Heat oven to 180 degrees.
Slice tomatoes – not too thin.
Place on baking tray.
Slice onions and stack on top of tomatoes.
Season with Salt and Black Pepper.
Sprinkle with Brown Sugar (as much as you’d like, we use about a cup full).
Drizzle with Balsamic and Olive Oil.
Roast – tossing every now and then – until slightly sticky and caramelized (about 45 minutes). Build your yummy burger
Roll of your choice– you can toast it on the braai.
Top with Caramelized Onion and Tomato.
Top with Burger Patti.
Top with Fresh Rocket.
Top with Parmesan Shavings.
Serve with French Fries or Potato Wedges. Utterly delicious! Tips

  • Buy breadcrumbs at the bread counter of your local supermarket.
  • If you want to make crispy low-fat chips, toss cut potatoes in egg white, then bake.
  • Portuguese Steak Seasoning to be found in packets at most greengrocers.
  • Remember to rinse your rocket under cold running water.
  • Parmesan shaves beautifully with your potato peeler.
  • If you are watching the waistline, ditch the bread and just build yourself a patti and toppings tower.

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