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We love finding wonderful new places to eat – and Mexi Casa is high on our list at the moment! This award-winning restaurant in Village Walk Shopping Centre has quickly become renowned for its good food, fantastic atmosphere, elegant cocktails and a sumptuous menu comprising a classic grill, seafood and traditional Mexican food!

The main restaurant can seat close to 100 people, with the bar lounge seating 30 people and the wonderful balcony-with-a-view comfortably seating 50 people. Mexi Casa is the idea venue for private dinners, business functions, Christmas parties, 21sts and all special occasions where you are looking for somewhere memorable!

Here are some fantastic examples of some of the items on the menu:


Authentic Margarita

Pinarita (with pineapple juice)

Mangorita (with Mango nectar)

Habanero Margarita (with the hotest chilli on earth)

Virgin Margarita (non alcoholic)

Long Island ice tea and variations such as Pacific Island, Caribbean, Hawiaan, Atlantic and Soviet.

Classic Manhattan as well as Anejo (aged) and Sweet Manhattan

Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria

Cosmopolitan and Sex in the City

Pina Colada , Tequila Colada

Mai Tai

Godfather / Godmather


10 versions of martini: chocolate, choco mint, pineapple, espresso, hazelnut, electric, dry and dirty

Banana, mango and strawberry Daiquiri

Capirinha + Mango + OJ + Pineapple + Honey



Hot sex

B52 – B59


Chocolate Steak, Chocolate Chili Steak, Jack Daniels Steak, Pepper Crust Steak

Fajitas – fun fun fun meal

Baby calamari staffed with feta, grilled in lime creme or lime tequila creme or lime garlic creme

Elevated king prawns

Lobster tail

Exquisite quesadilla

Flan in flame as desert

Deep fried ice cream

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