Miagi Festival 2007

Miagi Festival 2007

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Due to unprecedented public demand, MIAGI and Lexus are proud once again to present Fazil Say, whose performances during the Total MIAGI Festival in 2006 amazed and charmed audiences across South Africa.

Say, a committed MIAGI partner for many years, possesses a rare talent and passion for classical, jazz and improvisational performance.

For MIAGI in 2007, Say will be presenting two solo recitals of works by Mozart, Ravel, Say, Mussorgsky and Liszt. He will also lead workshops for musicians and in general assist in promoting MIAGI’s overall developmental objectives. He is convinced of the important role music and music education can play in positive social development and therefore committed to supporting MIAGI in its music development goals. Say feels passionately about this and South Africa holds a special place in his heart.

The concert:

Tuesday, 4th of September, 2007, Linder Auditorium at 20h00

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