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You know you’re a mom when you are completely comfortable shouting ‘wooohooo … you went poo poo on the potty’ while enthusiastically clapping in a public bathroom. I’ve seen this happen first hand. I’m about to give all you moms out there a completely new reason to get excited – Smoozy is a brand spanking new kids décor and furniture shop in Kramerville that you’re going to go gaga over! It’s here that I found the exact crib that Kim Kardashian bought for baby North West. Well, if it’s good enough for Kim…

From what I’ve heard from my friends with children, a few mommy luxuries include showering on your own, clothing that isn’t your PJs and sitting down with a cup of coffee. Let’s be frank, it’s not like moms have loads of time to pound the pavement in search of bits and bobs for their tiny tots. Smoozy is a one-stop shop for moms with the most adorable selection of children’s furniture, linen and décor.

Decorating a kid’s room is one helluva challenge. More often than not you have to schlep all over the place to find everything you’re looking for to co-ordinate a look, and then there’s the part that you’re always chasing a moving target. No one knows this better than the owners, Stephany Oxenham and her brother-in-law, Nicolas, who both have children of their own. That’s why Smoozy not only has everything under one roof, but their products can be adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of growing children.

As a mom you know that the bed is going to be used as a trampoline, food fight wars are going to be declared and muddy soccer boots will be trudged through the room – Smoozy not only keeps this in mind (the quality is top-notch), but doesn’t skimp on style so you can be as bold, brave or magical as you want. You can send your kids off to the land of nod in everything from the Perspex cot that North West has, to a car bed or a selection of bunks. There is even a five-in-one cot/compactum that converts into a single bed, two pedestals and a chest of drawers. While you’re at Smoozy, be sure to check out the cot and bed linen, wall stickers, 100 per cent wool rugs, lights, décor and even dress-up gear for children – any aspiring doctors or firefighters out there? Let the fun begin!

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Written by Samantha Richardson

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