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First time mommy Kate Kearney takes us through the life and times of mob justice mommies.

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Like most parents, I belong to several parenting WhatsApp groups. Some are lovely, some are tolerable, and some are just downright exhausting. One of these more exhausting groups I belong to have pushed me to the brink of exasperation – so much so, that my husband can’t understand why I don’t just delete the chat.

As a fellow mom, I’m sure you can understand how much worse that is than actually staying on the group and following the conversation – from the mundane to the mortifying. The latest rant taking place on this ‘Mom Mob’ is whether or not to pull their kids from crèche because of all the germs going round. It has been a bad winter, and in their defense, at least 70% of the babies (including mine) have been hospitalised at some point for a shared virus.

On the flip side, and in the schools defense, I can only imagine how hard to must be to keep 36 small humans from engaging with each other. To play, drool, taste and touch are all fundamental parts of growing up, and unfortunately it’s also how germs are spread. The school has now been phoning all the parents to try and quell the mass hysteria raising its ugly head. I, personally, am of the opinion that my child – albeit the most special to me – is still a child. This means germs will always be around if he’s in an environment where there are other kids, and I don’t want to deprive him of a fun nursery school experience just to prevent him from catching another bug. I do think its time us moms started being a bit more tolerant and started realising that no one is perfect, not even the school in who we place our trust.

Later tonight, I’m definitely going to delete this group chat. Maybe. Okay, but only once I’ve read one gossipier message, of course.

By Kate Kearney

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