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The Calendar:

The “Moments in Time project” is a multidimensional, multimedia artistic expression of the concept of meaning in life. It began as a simple yet sophisticated black and white calendar but, over the last six-years, has evolved into a kaleidoscope of colour.

The project portrays South African cancer patients, each afflicted with one or other type of cancer, all from different backgrounds, with different life experiences.

Imagery and prose are used to tell each patient’s story.

The Moments in Time project was first launched in October 2002 – it is currently in its sixth-year of production.

The initiative is sponsored by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

The Essence of the Project:

The common thread uniting the patients included in the 2008 calendar is their will to conquer cancer – they have all said “yes” to life in spite of their pain.

The calendar is a visual representation of the “fruits of the human spirit”, and aims to
capture, through the lens of a camera:

“hope in the face of despair”,
“passion in the face of pain”,
“joy in the face of sadness”
and “power in the face of vulnerability”.

The project is clearly affected and inspired by Viktor Frankl’s work and evolved from the integration of three separate but interrelated concepts. These include: Frankl’s philosophy about choosing one’s attitude under any given set of circumstances, thereby deriving meaning in one’s life. Secondly, the visual impact of the photographs and thirdly, the narrative and poetry.

Although every picture tells a story, a short but profound narrative accompanies each photo, thereby enriching the page.

Visit the website alongside for more information.

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