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MoniLiza Designer Jewellery

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We have all received them; the soap-on-a-rope, body lotions, socks, another pair of slippers and the boxes of chocolates. With Christmas just around the corner, instead of spending days searching for that perfect gift to give your special someone, MoniLiza designer jewellery is your answer.

Unique, Glamorous and Contemporary
MoniLiza is an elite jewellery design label that brings complete affordable wear-ability to you.

They cater for a new market that believes in the self expression and creative potential of an individual. Rather than focusing on the mainstream icons and expensive brand names, they offer you: personal, unique, handmade pieces.

Their bridal wear range is special, as MoniLiza, gives the customer the option of having a piece designed to their own personal taste and satisfaction, while only having to rent it.

MoniLiza consists of affordable materials that stretch creativity and freedom to its limits, while still preserving complete flexibility to the wearer. MoniLiza designs are made with real sterling and fine silver, with each piece designed to encourage ones own individuality and style.

They guarantee that they will find a design perfect for you.

“Great designs and beautiful objects should be a luxury that everyone can afford.”

Win a custom-made MoniLiza designer jewellery piece. To enter, click here.

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