Montecasino Children’s Meander – Review

Montecasino Children’s Meander – Review

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It was with great surprise that I received an invitation to a “Montecasino
Children’s Meander” because I have never really considered Montecasino
as a child-friendly venue. My saintly husband, Steve, often takes our fouryear-
old daughter Kayla to the Montecasino Bird Gardens where they
spend many happy hours looking at birds (I am scared of birds) and crawly
things (I am scared of crawly things). But other than that, Montecasino has
never been on my “child-friendly” radar screen. And as the mom of a very
active little tomboy, I am always on the lookout for new places to explore
with her.

In a Nutshell:

I am now a fan – of the Magic Company in particular. Having been warned
for my entire high school career that gaming arcades were filled with drugs
and dodgy men, I have given them a wide berth over the last fifteen years.
Well, not any more! Kayla and I spent three VERY happy hours shooting
basket balls through hoops, throwing balls at Humpty Dumpty to knock
him off the wall, and trying our skills on both the skateboard and dance
simulators. We had an absolute blast and Kayla walked away with two
plastic snakes and a packet of dinosaur stickers at the end of it all! The
older kids will love it too.

More detail:

Something else to try is the Absa Balloon where you can have a full fifteen minutes in the balloon as it takes you up into the sky, so close you feel you
can touch the clouds. It’s gentle, it’s safe, and it offers the most superb panoramic views of Joburg.

As mentioned, the Montecasino Bird Gardens is always a hit, as well as being a fabulous venue for children’s parties. The Flamingo Café at the Bird
Gardens seats up to 80 people, and will cater to your child’s every need – from delicious food, to fun-filled activities guaranteed to make that special
day an unforgettable one. The gates open from 08h30 – 17h00, Mondays to Sundays. Call 011 511 1864.

I didn’t realise that Montecasino has the largest 3D cinema screen in the world! Every few months, the selected 3D films are guaranteed to leave you
in awe – but I must say that their regular movies are great too. They have a VERY wide selection and oh-so-comfortable chairs!

Theatre Productions:

The Teatro at Montecasino has a few special productions on the cards over the next few months. The ‘Shaolin Monks’ are making an exciting return
to South Africa to demonstrate their authentic martial arts expertise in an awe-inspiring performance SHAOLIN MONKS: WHEEL OF LIFE live at the
Teatro at Montecasino from 9 to 22 March. Boys in particular and any child who enjoys the wonder of martial arts will love the incredible “superhuman”
feats, including being lifted up on razor-sharp spears, breaking iron bars on their heads and smashing concrete blocks whilst lying between beds of
nails and swords.

You can also book now for GREASE, which opens at the Teatro at Montecasino on Saturday, 17th of April. And while the kiddies might not know the
smash-hit songs You’re The One That I Want, Grease Is The Word, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Sandy and Greased Lightnin’, off by
heart, as most adults do, they will still be spellbound by this timeless and universal musical love story!

~Reviewed by Shelli NT

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