More beer for your buck

More beer for your buck

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Not every dining experience needs to revolve around fine cuisine designed and prepared by a poncey chef at a restaurant that charges R50 for a local beer. No, it’s often more pleasant to dine somewhere where the food and clientele are unpretentious and that is precisely how I would describe Schwabinger Stuben in Randburg.

This large Austrian eatery has relaxed look about it – it has wooden beer-hall benches and tables scattered throughout its many nooks and crannies. There is nothing particularly eye-catching about the décor other than various beer logos. The place is frequented by everyone from business people to student-looking types with black clothes and long hair. I tend to go there during the week but am told that it is a fairly popular family restaurant over the weekends.

The cuisine is traditional – they serve eisbein, an array of schnitzels, delectable sausages, sauerbraten and some divine soup dishes. They have schnitzel specials on Tuesdays which will allow you to enjoy a chicken or pork schnitzel topped with items such a block of camembert cheese or bacon for less than R60. I have never tried the desserts but friends tell me that you can’t go far wrong with apfelstrudel or Black Forest cake.

They serve eisbein the way they should be served – crispy on the outside, tender and moist to the bone. They are also reasonable – a large eisbein will set you back about R80 and can feed a small army, or an average U.S day-time talk show guest.

If you are a strict vegetarian you might do well to consider another eatery as many of the dishes contain some form of meat. If you happen to like beer (and you should) then you will be in heaven as Schwabing has an array of imported beers. Whether you like dark, strong beers or prefer a lighter “blonde” Weissbier, you will most certainly be able to find your new favourite drink at Schwabinger.

The service can be a bit on the slow side on a busy day but it’s a small price to pay for food that is reasonable, comes in large portions and has awesome taste.

They don’t have a website but their telephone number can be found by following the links alongside.

Review by Shaun Wewege

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