Most Anticipated Games for 2016

2016 is a good year to be a gamer. We’ve got some awesome news for you, but you probably knew some of this already, right? If not then we implore that you share this with your buddies and inform them about the top games being released this year.


Fallout 4: Far Harbor

After Fallout 4 broke the internet with its release, Bethesda has promised us four downloadable content packages this year of which Far Harbor is the one we just can’t wait to get our hands on. According to the developer, this will be the largest map they have ever worked on for a DLC release. Awwwww Jisssss.

Release Date: May 2016… sometime, right now it’s a deathclaw on moonshine, okay


Have you seen those videos of Frankie on PC in 1080P jam this game? It looks very cool. Blizzard has joined the first person shooter ranks with style. The demo looks and feels smooth with a slight sizzle of quirkiness drenched in gun violence. Well done, Warcraft guys.

Release Date: 24 May 2016


Do I even have to write anything about this? The scariest first person alien zombie monster shooter is on its way, and we can’t wait. It’s been 12 years and we need our cyber demons set to hardcore. Ignore the haters who keep going on about the multi-player beta and allow yourself a little excitement.

Release Date: 13 May 2016

Deadlight: Directors Cut

Surviving is much more than a walk in the park in this puzzle platform game Deadlight, where players cross the American west coast in an devastated world where there is no reason to exist but no alternatives for those who cling to hope. There’s is nothing prettier than a post apocalyptic game with cinematic flair added to it.

Release Date: 21 June 2016

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

No matter your opinion of the first installment of this game, you must admit that its existence has impacted the game world enormously. Dice’s first person parkour action attempts have the ability to become a series, which can stand its own in a world filled where every second first person player tries to be an even more watered down version of Black Ops 3.

Release Date: 24 May 2016


By Shawn Greyling

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One thought on “Most Anticipated Games for 2016

  1. Can’t wait for mirrors edge, was racing against my old time trial Ghosts on my PS3 the other night. Freaking excited man


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