Motherland Coffee Comes To Benmore Centre

Joburg’s favourite hipster coffee joint, Motherland Coffee, is opening up shop in Benmore. Here’s what you need to know about the new shop.

Benmore Centre has recently undergone an extreme makeover. This luxurious makeover now places Benmore Centre at the top of the Shopping Centre hierarchy, boasting modern marble finishes, exquisite glass features and extravagant sky-lights. The new “Centre of Attention” is attracting a chic caliber of shoppers to experience a grandeur journey. As you walk through the classy and sleek passageways, you’ll notice that the Centre boasts a new complement of stores. One of which being, Motherland Coffee.
Benmore Centre is buzzing with excitement to announce the arrival of Motherland Coffee to their lush Centre. The Motherland Coffee company pioneers a movement that reclaims Africa’s coffee heritage. A rebirth, renaissance and revolution of the African coffee industry that brings you the finest coffees from the mother continent.
Motherland coffee offers you more than just a good cup of coffee, but a culmination of African authenticity. They believe in the quality of the origin African coffee and aim to uplift the content by sourcing coffee directly from where the coffee originates in the different regions. In pursuit of social justice within the continent, all beans are sourced from numerous respected African coffee producing co-operatives and small farmers and bartered for at a fair price. Head to Benmore Centre and grab an indulging cup of coffee while being submerged into the newly revamped luxe centre.

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