MSC Cruise Through Paradise

Looking for a getaway that’s both scenic and entertaining? All aboard the MSC Sinfonia! 

MSC Cruise Through Paradise

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My weekend started off a bit differently to normal but I’m not complaining – bright and early, my wife and I hopped on a Mango flight to Durban in anticipation of our trip aboard the MSC Sinfonia.

Upon arrival we headed off to the port where we were greeted by the colossal ship that was patiently waiting for us to jump on board from Durban harbour. The MSC Sinfonia is an amazing sight and one that can only truly be appreciated when you stand in front of her.

The grand ship offers all the features that can be expected from an international cruise liner, including multiple restaurants, bars, entertainment and so much more. In addition to all of this, the ship boasts a range of facilities for kids of all ages so that the whole family is kept entertained at all times – parents, rejoice!


Aboard the ship, we had a room with a balcony, which was a magnificent extra (and, in my opinion, a must-have). This was truly appreciated in the morning, when breakfast was delivered to our suite … while we ate our first meal of the day, we stared into the ocean’s horizon – could you think of a better breakfast view?

The ship has recently undergone a revamp, which has resulted in new entertainment options, technological advances, new shops and up to 200 new cabins!

The highlight of the whole trip would have to be the visit to the Portuguese Island, a paradise that can be found just off the Maputo coastline. It is absolutely spectacular and a must-visit for all those craving a little seclusion on a tropical beach (who isn’t!?).


Cruising really is a holiday fit for the whole family. If you’re looking for a pretentious six-star experience, this trip is not for you. If, however, you are looking for an adventure (don’t worry, they offer medication for those of you with weak stomachs), a family experience and a holiday that takes care of your every need at a very affordable rate, then a cruise to the Portuguese Islands on the MSC Sinfonia is a definite must!

By Ryan Sessel

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