Museum of Military History

Museum of Military History

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The South African National Museum of Military History is the only museum of its kind in South Africa.

The Museum’s collection of more than 44 000 items are divided into 37 separate categories
and include the official South African war art and photograph collections. The aviation
collection contains some of the rarest aircraft in the world. For example, the Me 262 B-1a/U1
on display is the only night fighter version of this aircraft still in existence. Other categories
cover such diverse fields as ordnance, armoured fighting vehicles, medals, uniforms, small arms,
edged weapons, barrack & camping equipment, rations, religion, gifts & comforts, military music,
graves & memorials, military insignia, communications, medicine, propaganda and vexillology,
to name a few.

The Museum library has a unique collection of books, journals and archival material.
Interviews are regularly conducted in the library as part of an ongoing oral history
collection project. In this way, it ensures that previously unrecorded experiences of
ordinary servicemen and women are preserved for posterity.

Some 80 000 visitors attend the Museum each year.

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