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Acer has beaten other vendors to the punch by releasing the Aspire 5738DZG, the world’s first 3D notebook, and it’s hard not to be impressed.

While the notebook’s hardware delivers good everyday performance, it’s the 3D screen that takes the cake. Playing games and watching movies using the included software while wearing Acer’s 3D glasses is simply amazing.

In 3D games, objects and rooms take on a noticeable third dimension, giving scenes a very tangible feel. This fundamentally changes the gameplay experience, and should not be missed.

Movies are slightly less impressive, as they have to be rendered through a third-party application and their conversion to 3D isn’t quite as smooth or effective.
While game details need to be dropped slightly to accommodate the laptop’s mid-range graphics card, the experience is truly ground-breaking, and highly recommended.

Acer Aspire 5738DZG 3D Notebook

• 3D visuals on your lap
• Good ‘regular laptop’ performance
• 3D glasses included

R9 999.95

Rating: 4/5

Apple iPod Touch 32GB (3rd-gen)


• Excellent media player
• 32GB of storage
• Brilliant touch screen

R3 999.95

Apple’s Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone. It focuses on playing media instead, and this it does exceptionally well.

With 32GB of storage space, it is easy to take any music or movies that you care to, with you wherever you go. Accessing them is likewise an easy task, thanks to the exceptionally awesome touch screen.

The Touch’s touch screen is the most responsive of any device, anywhere (hence the name), and using it is simply superb. It is fast, responsive, and the new graphics processor ensures that all 3D content is displayed smoothly, even games.

Music quality is brilliant, although non-Apple earphones are recommended for long-term listening comfort. Watching videos on the Touch is a pleasure, due to the device’s brilliantly illuminated screen.

If you want a media player that will impress, the Touch is the one to get. It might be a wee bit costly, but it’s a price well worth paying for such a superb gadget.

Rating: 5/5

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

• iPod docking/charging station
• Plays music in all directions
• iPod not included


If you’ve found it difficult to keep your iPod charged, a great solution is a bedside charger so that you don’t forget. Logitech’s Pure-Fi Express Plus takes the concept a step further, by offering a docking station for your iPod that charges it for you, while doubling as an alarm clock.

It also plays your iPod’s music, although for some reason it does not let you select music as an alarm. This is a pity, as the sound quality on offer is pretty good, and the beeping alarm that wakes you up is rather annoying.

The Pure-Fi Express Plus plays music in all directions, which effectively fills any given room with sound. It won’t power a house party, but it’s well-suited to casual listening.
As an alarm clock, the Pure-Fi Express Plus is just okay. As a music player and iPod charger, it’s good. Grab one if waking up to music isn’t your thing.

Rating: 3/5

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