Must Have Winter Knitwear

No matter how old you are, knitwear is something you definitely need every winter. But it might be something that skipped your mind. So instead of getting unnecessarily cold, here’s a friendly reminder!



Make sure your hands and fingers are warm and snug in a pair of gloves. It might not seem all that essential when you merely think about it but picture a cold winter morning before work or school. Whether you drive or walk, you don’t want to feel that cold steering wheel or that cold air hitting your fingers in those early hours of the morning. So invest is a pair of gloves.


Your neck also needs to be secured. Invest in a scarf not only to keep you warm but to prevent you from catching a cold. There’s nothing worse than being sick in extreme weather conditions. Although it’s expected, it’s really not fun at all. You can go crazy with scarf selections from small, tight and snug options to big and wrap over options.


Ponchos might be quite retro and maybe even too retro if you’re a futuristic fashionista. However, no matter what your fashion preference might be, ponchos are a great alternative to normal jerseys or jackets. Coming in various styles, colours and sizes – how you choose to wear a poncho becomes a whole new adventure on it’s own.


So jerseys are an obvious winter knitwear buy unless you don’t feel the cold and it hasn’t occurred to you that you ought to keep warm. Lately, fashion outlets have also been giving a great range on different types of jerseys. We’d suggest you at least have the basic button-down and the pull over. That way, you have two vital options to pick from depending on the rest of your winter outfits.


Your head and ears also need to be kept warm so get your beanies stacked. It’s usually great to have a standard black beanie but with the options available to us, it’s best to evaluate your wardrobe, see what your main winter colours are and buy beanies within that colour palate. We quite enjoy our blacks, greys and reds.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other winter knitwear must-haves not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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