My five year letter

My five year letter

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Hi Shell,

It feels a bit weird writing a letter to you from the future, but then again – you never did things the “normal” way, did you? Always having to be different – ever since you were a child. (I am saying this with pursed lips because I am now in my forties and can get away with being bitter and twisted).

Anyway, I am supposed to be giving you advice about your life at the moment. So here goes (you know how I LOVE to give advice):

1. Why are you still not doing yoga? You’ve been talking about it for years now, and you know that it will make an enormous difference to your flexibility and stress levels. Just bloody well do it. Once a week. Minimum.

2. Eat breakfast. Every day. Stop trying to run your engine without any fuel. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

3. Your decision to be more creative is the right one. Make it a priority.

4. Good for you, learning to saying “yes” to so many things. Now stop it.

5. Giselle is still waiting for you to return all those sets of pajamas Kayla wore home on play dates – you might want to return them sometime.

6. Spend more time with your Dad.

7. Kayla is growing up VERY fast. Take the two minutes to look her in the eye when she interrupts your work to ask you a question.

8. When did you stop wanting to set a good example? (Being a horrible warning is more fun – but not nearly as rewarding).

9. Make a plan to go and visit the USA and catch up with your friends. 14 years is a long time – and you never said goodbye when you left. Go and visit. And say “goodbye” properly.

10. Bad things still happen to good people, and it will always affect you deeply. Stop thinking that this is a bad thing – and just know that it’s part of who you are.

11. You frown too much.

12. Create more legacies. New ones. That Kayla can continue in her family one day. Especially around Sundays, birthdays and school holidays.

13. Finish those photo albums.

14. You have what it takes to fight battles you choose to fight. Have courage; surround yourself with people you can trust, and then act. You don’t need to be rescued – you need to learn that you have more strength than you know.

15. Be more “present” in your life – you plan ahead so much that often you are never quite “here”. Just be in each moment a bit more.

16. Stephen still snores, he still tells you the same joke ten times, and he’s still a wonderful cook. Some people still think you mean it when you call him your “revolting husband” – but most people know that you worship the water he walks on.

17. Drink more water.

18. Take off your makeup before you go to bed.

19. Phone your mother.

20. Have another baby. You know you want to!

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