My rant for the week!

My rant for the week!

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So what has gotten me all riled up this week? Potholes. Yup, these gaping holes of tar have finally sent yours truly over to the dark side where I have visions of grabbing my spare tyre (not the one around my waist, the one in my car) before heading to the Johannesburg Roads Association and throwing it at someone. I just don’t understand how we can be preparing for an influx of soccer fans in just 16 weeks time when our roads are, quite literally, falling to pieces. Never mind the inconvenience, expense and hassle of going to court to claim back for damages, it is just not safe for women to be driving when they the chances are high that they will be stuck on the side of William Nicol with a burst tyre.

If this was MY business, I would be raked over the coals and told to make a plan. So where is the ownership? Where are the people stepping up to the plate and sorting it out? Where are the Metro Police officers stationed near the most dangerous potholes to warn motorists to proceed with caution? I can categorically state that I am unimpressed and that we as a country are unimpressed. Let me know what you think.

Other than that, I have an enormous “to do” list that is threatening to swallow me alive, and I’ve realised that it’s hard to find time to be creative and make each day count when the responsibilities and routines of day-to-day life chew up so much of my time. Never mind my “Live an Original Life” campaign – this week I am launching a “Get Through The Week Without Killing Someone” campaign!

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