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Send through your most memorable travel story with your name and contact number to before the 14th August 2009.

The winner shall be notified by 28th August 2009. The winner will receive a 12 months subscription to MyAuto Platinum . This subscription includes personal, fleet and emergency assistance for one person and the passenger vehicle they drive. Certain contact information will be required to activate subscription and a detailed subscription pack, subscriber card and identification sticker shall be sent via post to the winner. Terms and conditions apply.

MyAuto Subscription includes:

Expanded emergency assistance –You’ll be stuck without them.

MyAuto’s extensive network of emergency assistance providers are deployed nationwide to ensure the quickest possible response times in the industry. Their annual benefits and limits are comprehensive and don’t leave subscribers with unforeseen expenses in the case of an emergency incident.

These benefits include:
• Roadside assistance, mechanical and accident towing
• Locksmith, battery start and flat tyre change
• Fuel to reach petrol station
• Safe storage and return to repaired vehicle
• Family transportation by taxi and stand by security
• Overnight accommodation or alternative transport

Other emergency services include:
• Comprehensive medical assistance

• The revolutionary personal health advisor line ensures that subscribers have access to professional medical advice, any hour of the day or night
• Free personal legal advice and documentation, either telephonically or a 30 minute consultation

Fleet assistance – Prevention is better than tow!

Our response to the market includes a number of cutting-edge solutions aimed at offering a more customer-focused service in motoring assistance,” says MyAuto Director, Murray Price.

For example, with a single call to our call centre, a customer can request a quotation for tyres; they can specify the brand or price range plus the area of service provision and receive three competitive quotations, within 24 hours”. Subscribers can qualify for up to a maximum of 30% discounts on products such as tyres, glass, security tracking systems and smash and grab protection.

Other benefits include:
• Drivers licence and licence renewal reminders
• Accident repair assistance
• Technical advice

Personal assistance – They are at your beck and call

In addition to motoring-related benefits – and included in the customer’s monthly subscription fee – is unlimited access to a range of lifestyle benefits that they can enjoy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

These benefits include:
• The provision of any information they may require with a single phone call. This can range from directions to the airport to the weather forecast for Cape Town.
• A travel/vacation service that ensures excellent deals on accommodation, airline tickets, travel packages and car rentals.
• Pre-negotiated discounts and special deals on a wide variety of products and services.
• Bond ,managed removals and easy address change assistance.
• Online shopping site.
• Free internet based classified advertising service.

Using their services is simple, because you only have to remember one number for everything you need: 0861 MYAUTO. For further information follow the links alongside.

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