N2Ice Cream Lab Is Hitting Joburg with Sweet Serenity

N2Ice Cream is hiding a couple of tricks up their lab coat sleeves and is finally heading to a neighbourhood near you. 


When Ice Cream Meets Science!

What happens when you add a dash of science to ice cream? You end up with something bursting with so much  flavour and smoothness that you could sit up all night writing its poetry. Cape Town heroes, N2Ice Cream has discovered a way to infuse the classic treat with nitrogen adding a richer, velvety taste and texture to the age old dessert. Fresh ingredients are blended and instantly frozen before your very eyes.

Don’t Miss The Brrrr-istas At The Good Food & Wine Show

Fortunate for us, N2Ice Cream is heading to the Good Food & Wine Show, where they will be revealing the location of their first store in Gauteng. N2Ice Cream was voted the best ice cream in Cape Town in 2015 and we are more than excited to sink our teeth into the hype. The ice creams are preservative, additive and emulsifier free and are all freshly prepared. Fast freezing the ingredients with liquid nitrogen leads to smaller ice crystals, which results in really smooth, rich, creamy and delicious ice cream.

Be sure to check them out at the Good Food & Wine Show from 29 July to 31 July 2016 at the Ticketpro Dome.


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