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In 1999, a great concept was born in the mind of a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Khulani Vilakazi.

He dreamed of the coming together of this diversity into one melting pot, one place where culture
would be shared and expressed through one medium – photography. He set out turning his dream
into reality by building a restaurant he’d call Nambitha, the place where a few delectable
dishes from the different ethnic groups would be masterly presented in the surrounding of
thematically complementary photographs.

The first of its kind in Soweto, Nambitha boasts a great exhibition of classic photographs
from some of the world-acclaimed photographers such as Peter Magubane and
Jurgen Schargenberg. Furthermore, it is most appropriately situated on Vilakazi Drive,
the same street where two of South Africa’s greatest sons, Dr Nelson Mandela and Archbishop
Desmond Tutu still have their Soweto residences.

A drink or a scrumptious meal at Nambitha will leave you wanting to return to this
feast of the eyes and palate, where, undoubtedly, the locals will prove immensely hospitable
and the memory of the experience indelible.

Nambitha. Taste for yourself.

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